add bread to your weekly harvest box at a discounted rate!

Add a Bread Share to your Harvest Box on a weekly basis from our fabulous local artisan bakery, A&J King. Bread bought through the Bread Share program is discounted from our online store price at an average of $.50 a loaf. There are no preservatives or unnatural ingredients used in their products.


How it works:

We provide three bread share plans for you to choose from. Each week your bread share will be added to your Harvest Menu, which will include the ‘default’ bread item according to the share plan you’ve chosen. You have the option at any time to change and save your default/item choice, OR upgrade or downgrade to a different bread share plan, or even pause your bread share.


Bread Shares:

Premium: $7.85/week

Basic: $5.00/week

Baguettes: $3.50/week

For more detailed information about what is provided in each Bread Share please see the table.

Bread Share plans:

Premium Breads: $7.85

Grand Levain - 'Hearth' & 'Pan' style   Default

Brioche Pullman Loaf

Ciabatta Roll ('Ciabamwich' -  12 rolls per order)

Basic Breads: $5.00

Sifted Whole Wheat - 'Pan' style   Default

Multigrain - 'Hearth' style

Ciabatta - 'Hearth' style

Roasted Garlic Sourdough - 'Hearth' style

North Shore Sourdough Boule - 'Hearth' style

Mixed Olive Loaf - 'Hearth' style

Pain au Levain - 'Hearth' style

Baguettes: $3.50

French Baguette   Default

Epi/Decorative Baguette

choose your bread share:

Share Plan:


About A&J King Artisan Bakers:

A&J King’s wonderful handcrafted bread is top notch quality for a reasonable price. For Andy and Jackie making artisan bread is not about following a recipe. It is about honing technique and honoring tradition. A&J King was opened in order to bring those traditions to your table in the form of beautiful handcrafted breads and pastries. They are not doing anything new, just something that has been forgotten by some in an increasingly “on-demand” world. Artisan breads take time, effort, and most of all, patience. They suggest that their breads are to be enjoyed over a couple days, not a whole week or more. There are no preservatives or unnatural ingredients used in their products.

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