Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Harvest Box?
A Harvest Box represents your weekly harvest delivery of fresh produce.
What does my weekly Harvest Box fee cover?
Each week you are guaranteed a variety of produce based on the Harvest Box size and weekly amount you chose. The weekly Harvest Box itself only includes seasonal vegetables and fruits (when available) that is harvested from our partner farms that week. Add additional products such as meat or cheese to your weekly Harvest Menu as an add-on price.
Is my weekly Harvest Box membership a fixed price or will it vary?
The Harvest Box membership is a fixed price. However, if you add additional products to your weekly Harvest Menu, you will be asked to pay the remaining balance at checkout.
Can I customize my Harvest Box?
Yes. You can customize your Harvest Box produce by editing your Harvest Menu -- exchange produce or add other local products to your menu as desired.
What is a Harvest Menu?
We provide you a prepared Harvest Menu each week based on your Harvest Box size. You then have the ability to edit this Harvest Menu if you choose, by exchanging produce or adding other local products such as meat, bread or cheese to your menu.
What if I don't want to change my prepared Harvest Menu?
Do nothing and let us do the work! Not editing your weekly Harvest Menu will just indicated to us that you have confirmed your weekly order.
What is the service fee and how much does it cost?
An annual service fee is required at sign up, which covers the cost of your insulated reusable delivery bags (2 big bags and 1 small bag), cooling and insulation, other delivery necessities and packaging, food storage, security for damaged bags and other services available to you throughout the year. A new membership service fee costs $55.
What is a membership renewal fee?
Returning members are granted a discounted annual fee of $30. This covers the cost of all services we provide for you throughout the year and security for any reusable bags and other packaging. If you have questions regarding this please contact us.
How do you keep the produce fresh and cool during delivery?
We use reusable insulated cooler bags and ice packs to keep food cool in regards to standard food laws.
How often are deliveries/pick-ups?
Harvest Boxes are made available weekly Tuesday through Thursday.
What are your delivery & pick up days?
We deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If one or both of these days are not convenient for you, please contact us.
How long am I committed to being a member?
We ask for a minimum commitment of one month. You can cancel or put your membership on hold at any time during the year.
Can I put my delivery on hold while I am away on vacation?
Yes. If you plan on going away, and would like to put your delivery on hold, we would be happy to arrange it.
What forms of payment do you accept and how are they taken?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & Amex. Payments are made on a recurring basis, either bi-weekly or monthly.
What is a processing fee?
We charge a $0.20 credit card processing fee for every transaction.
How can I keep these processing fees at a minimum?
Unfortunately, there is no way to completely avoid them, we're sorry, but you can minimize them by increasing the length of time between recurring payment cycles. Save $5-$10 a year by choosing a monthly reoccurring payment cycle.
What is your service region?
We provide our services to Salem, Beverly, Manchester, Essex, Hamilton, Wenham, Amesbury, Newburyport, & Salisbury MA.
Where are your pickup locations?
We have pickup locations at Gentile Brewing Company in Beverly, at Flatbread Pizza in Salem, at Riverwalk Brewery Brewing Company in Newburyport, and at Tidewater at Salisbury in Salisbury.
Don't see your question here? Please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.
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