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Originally from Beverly, Mike brings over 15 years of farming experience to your table, w/seasons farming in VT, MA, AR, and CT.

Roberto and Barriann Alonzo

My experience, skills, and strengths I personally bring to this new venture stretch over decades. I was born and raised in Argentina by a family of commercial meat butchers where I learned most of my skills that I now use in my current profession. 

Growing up, my family raised chickens, pigs and cattle for the butcher shop that my father owned; my father also owned the slaughterhouse. When I became old enough, I opened and ran my own successful butcher shop in Argentina for 10 years which I left to my mother to come here, to the USA. 

Being involved with this process all throughout my childhood and early adult life has led me to aspire to opening the same type of business here in Massachusetts. 

These past experiences have helped me understand the hard work and dedication needed to be successful in this industry. The biggest driving factor behind my business is that I also want my daughter to grow up with a more organic lifestyle and learn what it means to eat healthy. She understands the importance of knowing where food comes from, and how animals have been treated. 

Our butcher shop will work as shops did 50 years ago, just like when I helped my parents in their business. It all starts by team members contacting, visiting, selecting, pricing and buying all kinds of livestock and products of farmers (cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, calves, etc.) as well as cheese, vegetables, milk, and anything we will need for our business.

Salvatore Jr. and Lisa Testaverde

Salvatore (Sam and/or Sal)  J. Testaverde Jr.,  has been gardening for over 30 years without the use of chemicals.  A native of Gloucester, and now resides in Ipswich, his first garden was at the age of 12.  It consisted of a 3' x 3' area, with hot top all around, in a little yard on the boulevard in Gloucester, where he planted his garden of corn.  Sal and his wife Lisa have always grown beautiful, chemical free gardens, and in 2008 they decided to share their organically grown veggies & herbs with the public, establishing Eastern Farm.  Their 2 acres are perfectly located on major routes 1A & 133 going through Ipswich.

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