{The Local Beet}  is a local and organic farm-to-table grocery delivery and pick-up service dedicated to connecting people to each other and the environment around them. Partnering with neighborhood farms, local artisan businesses, and nonprofits allows us to provide a diverse variety of products and services.



  • Bring the farmers market to your doorstep with the freshest seasonal produce and other local goods.

  • Weekly recipes make meal planning fun and easy for the whole family!

  • Personalize your weekly Harvest Box - or let us do the work and pick it for you.

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the local beet

"Food is the universal language that connects people to each other, to place, and to themselves." -- Rebecca Lloyd (Founder)


We currently serve the areas of Salem, Beverly, Manchester, Essex, Hamilton, Wenham, Amesbury, Newburyport, & Salisbury MA.

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Let us do the work! Each week we prepare a seasonal Harvest Menu based on your Harvest Box size.


Confirm the prepared Harvest Menu or customize the menu weekly by exchanging, increasing volume, or adding other seasonal produce to your menu.


Fulfill all your grocery needs by adding additional local products such as meat or cheese by shopping at our online store.


Harvest Boxes are delivered to your door or dropped off at our pickup locations on a weekly basis.

what makes us different

  • Taste the local difference! We are dedicated to sourcing all of our products locally between 10-50 miles. This means fresh produce packed with all the nutrients nature provides.

  • All our products are sourced from an organic farm or environmentally conscious business.

  • Add local artisan products to your harvest as desired.

So local you can taste it!

  • Weekly recipes provided in our weekly newsletter make meal planning fun at easy for the whole family.

  • Though we support our local agriculture, we are not ourselves a CSA. Harvest Boxes can be personalized for your convenience.

  • Harvest Boxes are reusable, and packaging is limited for environmental purposes.

our mission

Our mission starts with food as the means to bring people together, encourage community interaction and partnerships, inspire education, health, and environmental awareness, and create a growing and thriving community by bringing local resources to the residents of our community.


Modern technology and communication has helped us achieve so much, but it has also disconnected us in so many ways to the natural rhythm of life. Our connection to our food, and where or how it is grown is little thought of. With that, we have lost the common bond that the people of a community have with each other and the environment around them. Here at The Local Beet, we believe that food is the universal language that connects people to each other, to place, and to themselves.


the local & organic movement

In response to our global circumstances, health and environmental crisis, the local and organic movement has gained a great deal of momentum. The relevance and necessity of this movement is far-reaching. By encouraging this goal and making it attainable to all, we are helping to secure a brighter and more positive future.


Supporting local business and agriculture has many positive results. Here are just a few:

-- Helps lessen our carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption through travel.

-- Contributes to the local economy.

-- Guarantees fresh produce packed with all the nutrients nature intended, in comparison to prematurely harvested vegetables ripened by toxic ripening methods that are both harmful to your health, and lacks the essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.

-- Eliminates the habit of making unhealthy food choices that result in obesity and other illnesses.

-- Ensures an abundant community that has the potential to never go hungry.


Benefits of organic and alternative agriculture practices are just as essential. As we lose small farming practices to the monopoly of corporate farms, we begin to distance ourselves from the meaning of food. With modern farming practices, corporate farms have adopted the use of pesticides and growth hormones to increase company profits, with a neglect of consumer well-being. Here are a few negative effects of pesticides and other artificial food production techniques:

-- Pesticides are not merciful to the environment. They discriminate against all organic matter, not just the unwanted few. As they kill off the unwanted insects and diseases, they also kill off other pests, animals or good bacteria essential to a healthy ecosystem.

-- Exposure to these chemicals over time has proven to cause health problems and illnesses in humans as well.

-- The use of artificial growth hormones has also been proven to alter the hormone balance within our bodies which is highly problematic and results in abnormalities and illnesses.

-- These foods that carry pesticide residue and growth hormones are also being fed in large quantities to animals that we then eat, which perpetuates the cycle. 


These issues show how the local and organic movement is more relevant than ever and has the ability to make a monumental impact on a large scale.


While this solution represents the physical, it also has the means to reach far deeper into the human experience. ‘Local’ not only represents place. It represents a personal perspective of self and tribe. Similarly, ‘organic’ in our book does not strictly define pesticide-free farming practices, but also the natural world around us.


Our community is a place where we can foster these principles. As we’ve said before, we believe that food is the universal language that connects people to each other, to place, and to themselves. That is why we chose to focus on food because we believe it is the link that will help us mend the bonds that connect us. At The Local Beet, we pledge to support local and organic agriculture in all its forms, for the health and future of the world.

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